SHOEI PFS (SHOEI Personal Fitting System) is a custom fitting service certified PFS Dealers offer for SHOEI motorcycle helmets. The service is designed to improve the helmet’s comfort, stability, and sound isolation.

How does it work? The system involves taking precise measurements of the customer’s head in width, length, height, and circumference. The measurements are then entered into the PFS software developed by SHOEI engineers to determine the ideal size and fit of the helmet. A Personal Fitting Expert will then adjust the helmet’s center pad to achieve the perfect fit. 

Our PFS expert temporarily places pads behind the center pad so that the customer can try out the modifications made to their helmet. Our technician will then check the new fit and verify that it has improved the comfort and positioning of the helmet. This operation is repeated as many times as necessary until the optimal fitting is found. When the final adjustment is validated by the technician and the customer, the pads are permanently fixed on the center pad, which remains completely removable and washable afterward.


Comfort: With the ability to create a customized fit, the SHOEI Personal Fitting System provides riders with a more comfortable fit for longer rides.

Safety: The secure fit of the helmet reduces the risk of injury in the event of an accident, providing enhanced protection for riders.

Aerodynamics: Improved aerodynamics also enhances the riding experience by reducing wind noise and buffeting.

Customization: With the ability to personalize the fit of their helmet, riders can make it a truly unique and customized piece of protective gear.

Fitment Schedule: SHOEI PFS Event Calendar


  • Personal Fitting does not include cheek pads
  • Customization is limited to the center pad only
  • The helmet shell and cheek pads remain unchanged
  • Cheek pads are available for purchase in various sizes
         (31 mm, 35 mm, 39 mm, 43 mm)
  • A special order is required for cheek pads


How is the SHOEI PFS Performed?
  • Schedule an appointment with a SHOEI Personal Fitting Expert at your local certified SHOEI PFS dealer
  • Measurements are entered into SHOEI’s PFS computer system
  • Measurements include head length, width, height, and circumference for optimal results
  • Computer system determines necessary adjustments based on head measurements
  • Personal Fitting Expert temporarily places adjustments on the center pad of the helmet
  • Customer tries on the helmet and makes movements while the helmet is firmly held
  • Expert determines if adjustments have improved helmet positioning
  • Process repeated until the desired result is met
  • Get a Secure and Comfortable Fit with Permanent Adjustments
  • Adjustments are attached to the center pad for a lasting fit
  • Inner lining remains washable and removable for added convenience
  • Confirm the Perfect Fit with the Help of an SHOEI Personal Fitting Expert
  • Ensure that the adjustments meet your needs and preferences for a truly customized helmet
What is a custom-made SHOEI inner lining?
  • A custom-made SHOEI inner lining is a process that involves adjusting the center pad of an SHOEI helmet to ensure a tailored fit for the wearer.
  • This process is performed by an SHOEI Personal Fitting Expert who uses advanced computer systems and specialized equipment to measure the head and make precise adjustments.
  • The goal of the custom-made SHOEI inner lining is to improve the helmet’s comfort, fit, balance, and sound isolation.
  • The custom-made SHOEI inner lining is removable and washable, and the process does not alter the helmet shell or cheek pads
What helmets are valid for PFS?
  • PFS fittings are limited to current production helmets only.
  • If the helmet is past five years old, its safety may be compromised, and would not be a good candidate for PFS.
  • The helmet must have a removable center pad and be in good condition.
  • New and used helmets are valid for PFS adjustment.
How do I schedule an SHOEI Personal Fitting appointment?
  • The SHOEI Personal Fitting appointment can be scheduled by contacting your local SHOEI-Certified PFS Dealer
  • Find local SHOEI-Certified PFS dealer events
  • Suggested retail of PFS is $60.00 if a customer purchases the helmet at a SHOEI-Certified PFS Dealer
  • If a customer purchases at a different location or brings in an older used helmet, the suggested retail of PFS is $80.00
  • Prices may vary from dealer to dealer


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