Frequently Asked Questions about SHOEI Helmets.

Where can I purchase a SHOEI helmet?

SHOEI does not sell helmets directly, and as so, you cannot purchase one from our website. To purchase a SHOEI helmet, please go to your local SHOEI dealer. To find an authorized SHOEI dealer please use the SHOEI Dealer Locator.

What does the warranty on my SHOEI helmet cover?

Your SHOEI helmet is covered under warranty for five years from purchase date or seven years from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Please note that damage caused by the consumer, (i.e. dropping the helmet), etc., is not covered under warranty.

What is the DOT standard?

Please visit the Department Of Transportation website for more information on the DOT Standard.

What is the Snell standard?

Please visit the Snell Memorial Foundation website for more information on the Snell Standard.

Where can I find the Snell number of my SHOEI helmet?

The Snell number is located on a sticker under the center pad of your helmet. For example: MJ 241907.

Where can I find the Production Date of my SHOEI helmet?

The Production Date is located on a sticker under the center pad of your helmet. Some will have month/day/year format with the month spelled out, for example Mar/11/2007. Some may only have 6 digits in year/month/date format, for example: 150919 means September 19th, 2015.

Is there any difference between a helmet for the North American market and one made for Europe or Asia?

Yes, SHOEI produces completely different helmets for different markets around the world. Not only are the physical shape and fit of the helmets different for the various markets, but homologation standards vary as well. Since the homologation standards vary by country, a helmet produced for one market may not be legal for use in another. SHOEI recommends that our customers purchase helmets only from authorized SHOEI dealers within their own country to ensure homologation compliance

How can I tell what model SHOEI helmet I have?

The model of your helmet is listed on the chinstrap cover, opposite the D-Rings, on the vinyl portion of the cover.

How can I tell what model shield my SHOEI helmet uses?

The model of your shield can be found on the top left corner (when looking at the front of the helmet). Examples; CWR-1, CWR-F, CNS-1.

How can I be sure that my helmet fits properly?
  1. Measure your head size. To do this, pass a tape measure horizontally around your head at a height of about one inch (2.5cm) above your eyebrows. When done properly, you will have measured the largest part of your head.
  2. Check your measurement with the helmet sizing chart (can be found under the helmets section, after selecting the model you are interested in), and select the closest size. As the helmet may not always exactly meet your head size, and your head measurement may fall between two sizes, first try on the smaller size.
  3. Expand the helmet opening by pulling outwards on each chinstrap, and slide your head into the helmet. Pull the chinstraps only, not the chinstrap covers, as pulling on the covers may rip them. If the helmet is not tight, it is too big for you. If you are unfamiliar with helmets you may be reluctant to pull the helmet down, as it may feel too tight. Even if the helmet is difficult to put on, please use the smallest helmet possible. The helmet should feel snug.
  4. Now that the helmet is on:
    • Check that the helmet inner lining fits snugly all around your head.
    • Check that the top pad presses on the top of your head.
    • Check that the cheek pads press up against your cheeks. When you open and close your mouth, you should drag your teeth along the inside of your cheeks.
    • Check to make sure that you cannot easily slide your finger into the helmet along the side of your temple.
    • Hold the helmet with one hand on each side. Without moving your head, try to move the helmet up and down, and side to side. You should feel the skin of your head and face being pulled as you try to move the helmet. If you can move the helmet around easily, it is too big. Try a smaller size. Please note that during this check, the chinstraps should be properly fastened.

Where can I purchase parts for my SHOEI helmet?

Parts for your helmet can be purchased directly from the Helmet House Parts Store, the official SHOEI distributor in the USA. If your helmet model is not listed, the helmet was discontinued more than seven years ago, and parts are no longer available. If your helmet is listed, but the part you are looking for cannot be found, please contact info@helmethouse.com for assistance. Some parts, such as helmet shields, visors, etc, can be purchased from your local SHOEI dealership.

Where can I get a copy of the manual for my SHOEI helmet?

Please check the Helmet Manuals page. If your helmet model is not listed, please contact customerservice@shoei.com for more information.

Does SHOEI offer any type of impact inspection service?

Yes, SHOEI offers a free impact inspection service for any SHOEI helmet. To have your helmet inspected, please contact Helmet House, the official SHOEI USA distributor:

*For USA residents only

Helmet House
Phone: 800-421-7247
Email: info@helmethouse.com

Helmet House will respond within 48-hours with a return authorization number, if applicable.

After the issuance of a return authorization number, you will be instructed to ship the helmet to Helmet House for inspection. Include a letter with a brief description of the issue with the helmet, as well as a daytime phone number and return address. Print the RMA# on the outside of the shipping box.

Upon completion of the inspection, the helmet will be returned to you with a letter stating the findings of the inspection. Your helmet is returned to you whether it passes the inspection or not. There is no charge for the inspection, and return ground shipping is free.

Please do not use the SHOEI branded helmet box as the shipping container.

How does SHOEI's Micro Ratchet chin strap system compare to the traditional Double-D ring system?

Although new to the North American market, SHOEI’s Micro Ratchet Chinstrap System has been a much-appreciated feature in the European and Japanese helmet models because it is quick and easy to secure, even with riding gloves on. SHOEI’s Micro-Ratchet Chinstrap System is just as strong as the traditional Double-D rings and riders can rest assured that its patented stainless steel interlocking design has been thoroughly tested to ensure peak safety performance. Once you receive your helmet equipped with the new Micro Ratchet Chinstrap, you will need to take a minute to properly adjust it. SHOEI’s “How To Use Your Helmet Properly” Manual (included with your helmet purchase) explains how to properly adjust the chinstrap. Taking the time to complete this step will ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Why do the Hornet X2 and VFX-EVO helmets use plastic visor screws?

The Hornet X2 and VFX-EVO helmets utilize plastic visor screws to facilitate easier visor break away in the event of an impact. This function can help reduce twisting forces in the event of an accident.

Does SHOEI offer any type of racer support program?

Yes, through our North American distributors’ support programs, you can become a SHOEI supported rider.

  • US Regional Racer Support: See your local SHOEI dealer for sponsorship. Qualifications will apply.
  • Canadian applicants: Please email your resume and professional background to our Canadian distributor MOTOVAN: Sponsorship@motovan.com

Still need help?

For any other questions, please contact Helmet House, SHOEI Helmets’ exclusive US distributor, at info@helmethouse.com or call us at (800) 421-7247 8am – 5pm Pacific Time, Monday – Friday