GT-Air II / J-Cruise II Thinner Center Pad Top

  • $54.99

GT-Air II / J-Cruise II Thinner Center Pad Top

  • $54.99
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Upgrade your Shoei GT-Air II / J-Cruise II helmet with the Thinner Center Pad Top. With its simple installation and moisture-wicking design, this pad ensures you stay dry and comfortable on your rides. Its three-dimensional rib structure ensures superior ventilation and efficient moisture control.

Should the inner padding of your helmet become worn or uncleanable after extensive use and countless miles, opting for a replacement will rejuvenate the fit and restore a clean, hygienic interior.

OEM Sizing:
  • XS = S13 (13mm)
  • S = S9 (9mm)
  • M = M9 (9mm)
  • L = L9 (9mm)
  • XL = XL9 (9mm)
  • XXL = XL5 (5mm)
Thinner Sizing:
  • XS = S9 (9mm) – Can also use S5 center pad
  • S = S5 (5mm)
  • M = M5 (5mm)
  • L = L5 (5mm)
  • XL = XL5 (5mm)
  • XXL = N/A